YPPE Mini – Conference 2024

‘Pipelines of tomorrow

31st October 2024
Wereldmuseum Rotterdam

Conference Venue

With more than 170 cultures in one city, Rotterdam embodies the world. We are inspired by this city, the many cultures that
call it home, and take great pride in showing how unique the world really is.

At the locations of the Wereldmuseum, you will learn more about how people live worldwide and how people are shaped by the world. Past and present. Because with more knowledge of the relationship between past and present, you can better understand the world of today. The Wereldmuseum encourages thinking about what it means to be human. What is our connection with the world around us? How do we relate to each other?

As a major port city, Rotterdam played an important role in the infrastructure of imperial and global movements of people, objects, and ideas. This identity is reflected at the Wereldmuseum Rotterdam through exhibitions and programming about the many people, histories, and cultures that shape and create the world. Themes such as migration and mobility, as well as craftsmanship, materiality, and globalization, are evident in exhibitions like Colonialism and Rotterdam and HAIR POWER.

Wereld Museum Rotterdam

Willemskade 25,
3016 DM Rotterdam
Website: www.rotterdam.wereldmuseum.nl
Google map location: Link

How to reach

Nearest metro station


10 min walk

Nearest airport

Rotterdam The Hague Aiport

40-45 min by public transport
20-30 min by car

Nearest ferry station


2 min walk

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