YPPE Mini – Conference 2024

‘Pipelines of tomorrow

31st October 2024
Wereldmuseum Rotterdam

Sponsor Prospectus

Young Pipeline Professionals Europe (YPPE) invites you to sponsor our ‘Mini-Conference 24‘ which is happening on 31st October 2023 in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

This type of event is one of its kind in Europe that mainly focuses on young professionals who are working or wanting to work in the field of pipelines. This event will help individuals gain skills and knowledge required for their growth and development. It aids in:

– Building network
– Improve communication skills
– Enhance presentation skills
– Gain exposure to the industry and its advancements
– Have fun with peers while learning

….. and many more!

To assist young pipeline professionals in their career development, YPPE, which also consists of a small group of young pipeliners who are volunteering in their free time, is hosting the event this year for the first time.

We, at YPPE, believe that this is just a beginning and we are hopeful that we will be able to assist more young pipeliners as the year passes. For this moral deed, your support is crucial. Thus we request your support.

For sponsoring our event, there are two categories:

1. Mini-Conference sponsorship
You can support our event by assisting us in organizing the mini-conference itself, while building and enhancing your brand name.

2. Dinner sponsorship
You can be the ‘CERES – Roman goddess of food’ for the young attendees by sponsoring conference dinner.

The details of the packages are mentioned below:

Mini – Conference Sponsorship

Cost (in GBP)300020001000500Less than 500
Available quantity23510Unlimited
Exclusive privileges
Complementary conference tickets – Young Professionals (< 35 years)32200
Complementary conference tickets Experienced professionals (> 35 years)21000
Dedicated presentation slotYes    
Special recognition on YPPE website for one year as the sponsor of YPPE (Jan 2024-Dec 2024)Yes   
Sponsor logo on wall displays/podiumYesYesYesYes 
Acknowledgement as sponsor at all promotional material, based on categoryYesYesYesYes 
Acknowledgement as supporter at event webpage and social media    Yes
Sponsor logo on event program and social media platforms, based on categoryYesYesYesYes 

Sponsor the dinner

Cost (in GBP)1500
Available quantity3
Sponsor logo on event program and social media platformsYes
Sponsor logo on wall displays/podiumYes

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