Young Pipeline Professionals



  • Build a network of Young Pipeline Professionals to ensure the future advancement of the industry
  • Foster relationships between young and senior professionals to ensure the transfer of knowlege
  • Create leadership and speaking opportunities for young pipeline professionals by hosting bespoke events
  • Promote pipeline industry careers
pipeline stretching into the distance

Introducing YPPE Fest!

Our world is rapidly changing. Due to the COVID-19 crisis, we find ourselves in unfamiliar territory facing new challenges each day. As each one of us is faced with the necessity of adapting to this new situation, we believe that now, more than ever, the exchange of knowledge is critical.

That is why we decided to try and keep the pipeline community connected - ONLINE!

A full lineup of webinars occurred each week for 12 weeks of presentations between 23rd March and 19th June. Perfect to keep you connected and to broaden your knowledge!

Each of these webinars was recorded on the day and the recordings were made available for our members to view on this website after the event.

Please contact us if you have an interesting pipeline presentation already prepared and approved that you would be willing to share via a webinar to young pipeliners across the world!

YPPE Events

To find out more about upcoming events planned by YPPE, click the following link: Events Calendar