All good things come to an end. After 50 webinars spread across 12 weeks, Young Pipeline Professionals Europe drew our daily lockdown webinar series “YPPE Fest” to a close on Friday 19th June.

We are proud of the way we executed a concept borne out of necessity (cliché alert!) “during an unprecedented time”. We are happy with the end result:

  • 23% membership growth
  • >340 participants
  • 52% LinkedIn following increase
  • Approx. 35 hours of recorded learning material for our members
  • Even better, we’ve had good fun and met great people along the way!
  • We wanted to say a big THANK YOU to all of our members who participated in the series. Check out this video our fantastic Marketing Lead Richard Campbell has produced summarising the series including cameos from three of our presenters.

    The recorded webinar of the Awards Ceremony can be accessed via this Link.

    Below is a breakdown of the Awards presented in the video above.


    Presented by: Richard Campbell, YPPE Marketing Extraordinaire, Rosen

    This award recognizes the **Superstar Pipeliner** who pulled in the highest attendance figure and came closest to reaching our Gotomeeting participants limit.

    And the winner is…..Roland Palmer-Jones, Rosen


    Presented by: Rahul Raghukumar, YPPE NL Lead, IRM Systems

    YPPE Fest has not been limited to Europe, attracting presenters and listeners from all around the world. This award celebrates the global appeal of the event by recognising the presenter situated furthest from Young Pipeline Professionals Europe’s registered address.

    And the winner is…..5623 miles from YPPE HQ….Thiago Rezende, INGU, Minas Gerais, Brazil


    Presented by: Ben Bergius, YPPE Business Development, NDT Global

    Presenting to a roomful of peers can be difficult at the best of times. Presenting to a screen behind which the faces of your audience are not visible and responses not audible throws up its own challenges. This award recognises the most entertaining presenter.

    And the winner is…..With 50% of the votes….Dr Mike Kirkwood, TD Williamson


    Presented by: Thomas Redares, YPPE Treasurer, Ineos

    Question and answer sessions after each presentation provided a forum for in-depth discussion open to all listeners. This award salutes the presentation that generated the most engagement in the Q&A session.

    And the winner is…..Sean Tucker, Jee


    Presented by: Marguerite Forde, YPPE Vice-President, Rosen

    Close to 350 people participated in YPPE Fest. While a few of these attended only a single presentation, 80 people attended 5 or more and can be classed as “regular” participants. The Star Listener Award acknowledges that this series would not happen without the listeners and celebrates the person who engaged most.

    And the winner is…..Participating in 42 webinars…Semyon Bokhankevich, TD Williamson


    Presented by: Koshy Solomon, YPPE South of England Lead, Jee

    The Covid-19 Lockdown has changed the working environment for many of us, swapping co-workers for pets and family members. This award honours true “working from home” background noise supplementing the technical content, capturing the essence of Covid-19 Lockdown.

    And the winner is…..With an excellent presentation despite severe audio issues….Paul Waanders, MAATS


    Presented by: Danny Molyneux, YPPE President, Quest Integrity

    The best presentation of YPPE Fest, as voted for by those who were considered regular participants, Michael Smith, Rosen for “Integrity Analytics – Data Science for Pipeline Integrity Management”


  • Our 50 presenters
  • Participants from around the world
  • Everyone who helped spread the message about YPPE and this daily webinar series
  • The YPPE Committee for giving up their time to help book speakers, arrange the series, host webinars and share our new large repository of materials
  • Biggest thanks of all go to Richard Campbell for the incredible commitment shown to create and distribute individual flyers for each and every presentation
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