Young Pipeline Professionals Europe (YPPE)

“Don’t just be in the industry, be a part of it”

The Young Pipeline Professionals Europe (YPPE) is a group of highly motivated young professionals working within the pipeline industry with the aim of knowledge sharing to ensure the longevity of the industry, addressing the industry’s skill shortage and foster relationships.

We are focused on career development and industry involvement. It is important to develop a sense of pride and belonging for our members and facilitate the transfer of knowledge from experienced pipeliners to the next generation of professionals. 

YPPE needs you and you need YPPE!

On top of rising costs, Europe’s companies are facing another worry – the lack of skilled workers – which is becoming more prominent than ever before. It’s clear that talent retention and development are critical for the ongoing success of the industry. Within this maelstrom of demand, the pipeline industry needs to make its voice heard. Thankfully, the Young Pipeline Professionals Europe (YPPE) have the perfect medicine to this ailment!

Updates from YPPE Mini-Conference 2023

Conference photo


Conference Dinner


TDW Facility visit

Updates from PTC 2023

YPPE at YPI joint booth


YPPE/YPI social event sponsored by PPSA


YPPE collaboration with Marine Corrosion Forum



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