Here you can find all the transcripts from the sixth week of the YPPE Fest webinar series.

Day 1

  • Date: 4th May 2020
  • Presenter: Cindy Dirkx
  • Company: Groningen Seaports
  • Title of presentation: The Energy transition: Development of H2 pipelines in the Northern part of the Netherlands
  • Synopsis: Cindy will inform you on the development 42 bar hydrogen pipeline in the North of the Netherlands, which will be constructed using a composite pipeline. She will tell you about the process to get approval to use this new material and the opportunities this gives for the development of sustainable industry and realisation of the Paris Climate Agreement.
  • The recorded webinar can be accessed via this Link (Transcript link requires extension of time to view recording).
  • Day 2

  • Date: 5th May 2020
  • Presenter: Peter Merrett
  • Company: Merrett Survey Limited
  • Title of presentation: Optimising the accuracy of pipeline mapping – what can go wrong
  • Synopsis: This talk will look at the process of ‘pipeline mapping’, mainly from the perspective of the survey work associated with the mapping inspection of pigging runs. By combining the high technology of GPS (now called GNSS) and a high accuracy IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) you can ‘map’ the route of buried pipelines during in-line inspections and compute the 3D co-ordinate of every weld, defect / anomaly and feature of the pipe. This technology ‘should’ provide accurate data for your asset management GIS system, and minimse dig costs on repair jobs. This talk explores the factors that contribute to the achievable accuracy and reliability. Then we look at possible solutions to optimise this process.
  • The recorded webinar can be accessed via this Link.
  • Day 3

  • Date: 6th May 2020
  • Presenter: Jonathon Doyle
  • Company: Penspen
  • Title of presentation: IM Strategy for a pipeline network in the UK
  • Synopsis: This talk will look at Pipeline Integrity Management and the practical implementation of IM for the operator of a pipeline system in the UK.
  • The recorded webinar can be accessed via this Link.
  • Day 4

  • Date: 7th May 2020
  • Presenter: Kevin Keogh
  • Company: Paradigm Flow Services
  • Title of presentation: High pressure liquid jetting to remove paraffin from a live oil export pipeline – a case study
  • Synopsis: This presentation will provide an overview of a complex cleaning application undertaken in the Gulf of Mexico to remove paraffin wax from a 12 inch oil export pipeline. The project was engineered to be undertaken without shut-in of producing wells and whilst maintaining oil export from the facility, delivering a cost neutral solution to the Operator and a approx. 30% increase in system throughput.
  • The recorded webinar can be accessed via this Link.
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