Here you can find all the transcripts from the fifth week of the YPPE Fest webinar series.

Day 1

  • Date: 27th April 2020
  • Presenter: Gavin Booth
  • Company: Pipetech
  • Title of presentation: Internal ‘Aqua’ Milling cleaning of complex pipework systems
  • Synopsis: Pipetech international has been in existence since 2001 based in Stavanger, Norway. In 2014 Ramco Tubulars acquired Pipetech International and created Pipetech UK which works alongside Pipetech International providing licensed innovative cleaning solutions designed to remove blockages, corrosion, wax and scales from the internals of pipelines, risers, caissons and process pipework systems.
  • The recorded webinar can be accessed via this Link.
  • Day 2

  • Date: 28th April 2020
  • Presenter: Andrew Pinchen
  • Company: Penspen
  • Title of presentation: Uprating an onshore liquid pipeline system
  • Synopsis: Global demand for liquid fuels has risen over the last 10 years, and is forecast to continue rising in 2021 and beyond. Uprating of an existing pipeline is one option that may be able to provide the required increase at a much lower cost than a new pipeline, but is not with-out its own risks and challenges. This webinar will provide a high level overview of uprating, the challenges and risks involved, and the solutions used by Penspen to support uprating projects around the world.
  • The recorded webinar can be accessed via this Link.
  • Day 3

  • Date: 29th April 2020
  • Presenter: Andrew Woodward
  • Company: Connector Subsea Solutions
  • Title of presentation: Specialist Subsea Structural Repair Clamp – A Case Study
  • Synopsis: A brief overview of CSS pipeline clamps followed by a case study. A major north sea operator had a problem with a conductor severed within the guide area. A previous repair attempt had only partially addressed the issue and CSS were asked to provide a complete, permanent solution. Based on the restricted space between the conductor and the guide CSS designed a unique slimline clamp solution with no bolting within the guide area. CSS also provided centralisers and novel installation aids to complete the repair.
  • The recorded webinar can be accessed via this Link.
  • Day 4

  • Date: 30th April 2020
  • Presenter: Dr. Mike Kirkwood
  • Company: T.D. Williamson
  • Title of presentation: The power to know: Ensuring the integrity of small diameter liquid lines
  • Synopsis: As Europe’s pipeline age and energy transportation needs change, knowing the current future integrity status of your pipelines is imperative. In this webinar, we will examine the primary threats facing European liquid pipeline operators and explain how advanced technology can detect, identify, size and prioritize isolated defects and, more importantly, interacting threats.
  • The recorded webinar can be accessed via this Link.
  • Day 5

  • Date: 1stth May 2020
  • Presenter: Aidan Charlton
  • Company: Penspen
  • Title of presentation: Innovation in reliability-based pipeline integrity methods
  • Synopsis: Aidan will present a brief overview of computational methods, and some of the opportunities that recent computer processing power and computational techniques have created when calculating the probability of failure for corrosion features in pipelines.
  • The recorded webinar can be accessed via this Link.
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