‚ÄčThe Young Pipeline Professionals Europe (YPPE) is a group of highly motivated young professionals working within the pipeline industry with the aim of knowledge sharing to ensure the longevity of the industry, addressing the industry’s skill shortage and foster relationships.

YPPE was founded in 2018 with the help of Michelle Unger and 5 young engineers to connect both new and experienced professionals working within the pipeline industry across the continent. We are now a group of more than 320 young pipeline professionals with a vested interest in advancing the pipeline industry to a safe and sustainable future. We aim to grow this number through educational, social, and networking events, while connecting young professionals with pipeline experts throughout Europe.

We are focused on career development and industry involvement. It is important to develop a sense of pride and belonging for our members and facilitate the transfer of knowledge from experienced pipeliners to the next generation of professionals. 

YPPE has been active in providing several opportunities for its members to develop themselves in several aspects in their career. Some of them are listed here:

  • Discounted entry to selected pipeline conferences throughout the year. Opportunity to attend and present at our private YPPE stand (Pipeline Technology Conference, Berlin (Germany), PPSA Seminar, Aberdeen (Scotland), Technology for Future and Ageing Pipeline Conference, Ghent (Belgium), International Pipeline Conference, Calgary (Canada), Rio Pipeline Conference, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil))
  • Invites to technical demonstrations in person (i.e., Field trips – site and shop tours) or via webinar.
  • Speaking Engagements and opportunity to host an event/webinar of your work.
  • Quarterly newsletter and article writing
  • Opportunity to apply for leadership roles within YPPE.
  • Volunteer opportunities within YPPE; we own, administrate, and maintain our YPPE website and LinkedIn page.
  • Access to online e-learning material in the ROSEN Competence Club
  • Individual mentoring opportunities.
  • Access to the YPPE online portal.
  • Social events.
  • Collaborate with the other Young Pipeline Professionals groups around the world such as Brazil, US, Canada & Australia.
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