Here you can find all the transcripts from the fourth week of the YPPE Fest webinar series.

Day 1

  • Date: 20th April 2020
  • Presenter: Adeel Raza
  • Company: Northern Crescent Inc.
  • Title of presentation: Pipe Stress Analysis
  • Synopsis: This presentation is going to cover the basics of pipeline stress analysis as it applies to typical pipeline projects. The material covered is technical but not very theoretical. It covers the basics of stress analysis, typical project workflow, and best practices.
  • The recorded webinar can be accessed via this Link.
  • Day 2

  • Date: 21th April 2020
  • Presenter: Molly Laughlin Doran
  • Company: Pipe Spring LLC
  • Title of presentation: New Technology in Pipeline Repair: The Steel Spring Option
  • Synopsis: For the last thirty years, the pipeline industry has largely been repairing pipelines in the same way. There is now another option. This new technology provides reinforcement to the pipe and effectively mitigates various integrity threats. In this webinar we will primarily cover the basics of pipeline repair with the Pipe SpringTM system.
  • The recorded webinar can be accessed via this Link.
  • Day 3

  • Date: 22nd April 2020
  • Presenter & Company: OGUK
  • Title of presentation: Industry Insights for Young Professionals
  • Unfortunately there is no recording of this webinar held by YPPE.
  • Day 4

  • Date: 23rd April 2020
  • Presenter: Michael Smith
  • Company: ROSEN
  • Title of presentation: Integrity Analytics – Data Science for Pipeline Integrity Management
  • Synopsis: ‘Integrity Analytics’ involves the application of techniques such as exploratory data analysis, data visualization, machine learning and computational probability to the every-day challenges of pipeline integrity management. It will be shown how Integrity Analytics can provide an alternative route to understanding the complex problems of corrosion, cracking, and a range of other pipeline threats.
  • The recorded webinar can be accessed via this Link.
  • Day 5

  • Date: 24th April 2020
  • Presenters: David Kearney & Jeff Allen
  • Companies: ROSEN & ESRI
  • Title of presentation: Analyzing Inline Inspection Data with the ESRI Platform Management
  • Synopsis: The ROSEN Group and ESRI have been collaborating on various approaches to the storage and management of ILI data within an enterprise geodatabase. This presentation outlines some of these proposed techniques for ILI data management, alignment, analysis, and ultimately actionable data products that can be leverage by the organization to ensure the continued safe reliable operations of our world’s pipeline transmission systems.
  • The recorded webinar can be accessed via this Link.
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