YPPE is coming to the end of the first term for the current committee, and with 2021 creeping up on us we are planning for the future. We have new exciting plans for a new structure for the group and we are looking for motivated young professionals working in the industry to join us, as we head into this new period of YPPE!

Join us on the 13th October, at 4pm BST, to learn more about the YPPE activities and how you can get involved! An email will be sent out to all members with details of how to dial in closer to the time.

If you are interested in getting involved please download the application form below, fill it in and email us by 4th November.

Our New Structure

Executive Committee

Comprised of the following positions:

  • Chair
  • Vice Chair
  • Treasurer
  • Work Group Lead for Communication, Marketing & Engagement
  • Work Group Lead for Impact on Industry
  • Work Group Lead for Value to Young Pipeliners
  • Work Group Lead for Organization Success

  • Communication, Marketing & Engagement

    1. Develop and execute a communications and marketing strategy to reach young pipeliners, industry, and members of the public

    Impact on Industry

    1. Manage external partnerships with industry associations, educational institutions, and companies
    2. Engage with Technical and Code Committees

    Value to Young Pipeliners

    1. Ensure that members and volunteers have a rewarding and meaningful experience across Europe
    2. Deliver great events (webinars, mentoring scheme, online material)
    3. Represent YPPE through Young Pipeliners International

    Organisational Success

    1. Maintain and develop strong sponsor relationships
    2. Engage, retain, and attract advisors